Thank you for participating as a China Conference: Southeast Asia (CCSEA) delegate, scheduled for February 18-19, 2020 in Manila, Philippines. We would like to share updates about our event with you.

We have been carefully monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus, the recommendations by the World Health Organization, as well as health and international travel advisories. In the interest of your safety, we are postponing the event. We will be in touch shortly with a new conference date.

We appreciate your patience and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. We look forward to having you join our conference later this year.

Thank you very much.

About this session

Asia-Pacific was one of the first regions to experience the coronavirus pandemic and it did well in controlling the spread of the virus. The number of confirmed cases and deaths was and still is a tiny fraction compared to other regions in the world. But many public health experts and researchers wanted their governments to adopt the “COVID zero'' approach, using strict policies to eliminate the virus rather than contain it. As such, a return to normalcy has been possible for some Asian countries including New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Australia, Vietnam and Singapore, as they have enjoyed months of virus-free or low case count. For these countries, what worked and what didn’t in their battle against coronavirus? Should Southeast Asian countries follow suit? As the region rolls out Covid-19 vaccines, will vaccination help end the pandemic once and for all? Will the region reach near-zero cases? How soon and how fast can Southeast Asian countries safely reopen their economies? Which countries will lead the pack?

9:50 am
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